Help! Exchanging tiss. exp. w/implants

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I'm about to have my final surgery to remove the bilateral tissue expanders and replacing them with silicone implants. I do NOT want to end up being smaller than what I currently am--full C. I explained this to the nurse asst. who pumped me up weekly since my surgery. I've heard from others who have gone through this that they ended up "considerably" smaller than the expansion. Does that mean since I'm pumped up to a C-cup that I'll end up a B? Should I go get pumped up more to a D? Then I'll end up a full C? I feel like I'm being vain, but I figured that I've earned them!!! Thanks for any input! And thanks for all the support this group gives. Lucky us!!


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    I just went through this EXACT thing! I had my tissue expanders for 8 months. I was expanded to a D. There are complications that could happen if you overfill. Alot of doctors do though. My silicone implants were done on 4/9/03. I had radiation on one side. That side healed wonderfully. The other side, just like with the expanders, my muscle pushed my silicone implant out to the side. Like going toward my armpit. He wants me to heal another month before he cuts the muscle again. I have to have my muscle cut, in the cleavage area, the implant will go back under and he will sew up my pouch. I just found out about this "pouch". If I could do it again, I would've filled up MORE! Did your expanders fill up the same? My radiated side was very high. Now they're the same. Plus I did too much afterwards. Guess I was used to pain by that point. This time around, when he fixes it, I took off work and am taking it easy for 6 days. I think because I'm right handed, opening big doors, car doors, lifting, etc. I just overdid it. Good luck. Please e-mail me and let me know how you do.
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    Hi I just had my implant put in after a tissue expander. I was expanded to a full c cup and my implant is a full C. It looks great. I had a lot of pain while the tissue was stretching after the implant was put in but now things are back to normal and I am going bathing suit shopping for my trip to Disney. Good Luck. Don't over expand, it is painful.
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    I know what you mean about wanting to be a full C. I was a DD before surgery. I had my expanders put in last December and I am barely a B. The expanders have been filled to the amount recommended by the manufacture (sounds like I'm talking about tires doesn't it!) and now the doctor is trying to decide whether to overfill them or special order a new set of expanders to put in. I'm pretty uncomfortable now...not sleeping well, etc. because my chest is so tight.

    When we started reconstruction the surgeon thought I could probably fill out to a C but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Although I'm not crazy about the idea of yet another surgery I may have to go that route to be a C. Thought I would let you know that was an option suggested to me (new expanders). I haven't decided about saline vs. silicone implants. What was your deciding factor when choosing silicone? I heard they are "softer" than saline and have a more natural appearance. I'm kinda of leaning towards saline just in case there is a rupture but have not made up my mind 100%. I hope everything thing goes well with your surgery. Take Care.
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    I will be replacing my bilateral expanders with silicone implants May 29. My plastic surgeon says the implants (McGhan #540) will be flatter than the expanders. I was expanded to 570 ml - I think that's around a C. The implants will be 540 ml. I thought the expanders were horrible and flat in the beginning but got used to them. I think I'll get used to the implants too even if they are different. Good luck with your exchange, I hope you'll be happy.