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I have my first chemo appointment on Thursday morning and am imagining all sorts of things. I will be treated with CMF. Can anyone out there tell me what to expect for the first few days? I feel like once I get one treatment under my belt, I'll be able to cope better but until then can anyone help? Thanks-


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    The anticipation is worse than the chemo, believe me. You'll do just fine. Take a big iced drink with you (I did 7/11 Slurpees - something with a lot of ice) This might help with any mouth sores - which you probaby won't get. I felt fine until day rthree after,and then I felt tired - but not bad. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] Good luck----Judith
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    Chemo is different for everyone. There are great drugs out there to help with nausea, I however am a diabetic and was sick for days. The actual treatment itself is not so bad. We always went out for lunch, and shopping afterwards. My sister and husband came with me. My sister rubbed my feet and my husband made bad tasteless jokes. All in all I would do it again. Bald and Beautiful, but alive.
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    Hi the first chemois the hardest becase you dont know what to expect but it does get easier.i was fine the day of but then the next two days where my worst.good luck on everythng.bunnie
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    Hi Diane, I had CMF last year, I tolerated it much better then the CAF I had 1998. Immediatly after the chemo I was fine, Doctor put Decodron (steroid) 10mg and ZOFRAN, antinausea medication in the IV, the whole process took about 2 1/2 - 3 hours . I also took 1 Zofran before I left the clinic. After the treatment I was always hungry so I ate. Was mainly tired , flu like symptoms for about 3-5 days. (but everybody is different) My hair thinned out but I did not loose all of it, had bought 2 wigs and did not need them. Hope this helps, if you like to ask more questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]
    I work all day and would answer you in the evening. I wish you the best. emmi
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    Hi Diane,
    I think the anticipation of facing what is unknown is so difficult. Chemo seems to affect everyone individually. There are so many meds now that they give to combat the unpleasant side effects. Some people just have a little nausea and fatigue, while others have more severe problems. Many times you get a medicine that may affect your nervous system, so you should take someone with you who can drive you home. You may feel okay, but sometimes our reactions may be a bit slower. Also, you may get tired, so give yourself permission to put things on hold, or let someone else take over some of the daily things, like housekeeping, cooking, etc. I was so tired all the time. But when it was all over, my energy level returned...slowly, but it did come back. I was able to work full time during my chemo and radiation, but I was totally zonked out when I got home every day! I hope your first treatment goes well. Keep us posted.
    Love, Jayne
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    How did it go? Hope you are doing ok. I was thinking aoubt you on Thursday.
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    How did it go? Hope you are doing ok. I was thinking aoubt you on Thursday.

    Thanks for the support. I came out the other side but not as quickly as I'd hoped. I went back to work today and am trying not to dread the next treatment. Fighting the guilts about not being much good to my husband/kids/employer. On an intellectual level I know that is dumb but on an emotional one, it's harder to fight off. It was so nice to hear you were thinking of me. The support is wonderful. The actual chemo experience was kind of cool. Lots of cameraderie with the fellow patients. Great nurses. It'd just be nice to skip the aftermath!