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Thanks for all the wonderful responses. I AM feeling much better now. Today I could even wear my camisole but it feels so strange since it's been weeks since I've been able to wear much else but soft shirts. One thing I found through the stages of cancer treatment was the stages of underwear I have had to buy -- sports bra for the surgery, then camisoles for after, then soft stretchy bras for the interim and then softer camisoles for radiation and then shirts that weren't too "revealing". At least I have a new wardrobe! 4 to go -- i'm practically sailing! Love & hugs to all.


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    I know just what you mean. I was about to go out and buy a new bathing suit which would also cover the lumpectomy scar. I dug in the closet and pulled out one that I bought for our vacation trip last year but didn't really like. It worked like a charm. I wonder what else I have in there... love and laughter