2nd Lump

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Hello my names is Tina ; )
How many has had a lump and had it took out & it was not CANCER
BUT the 2nd lump was CANCER!
I lost all my chats when my computer when down!
Hugs & Prays with all Tina381 ; )


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    Hi Tina...I also had a similar situation but had 6 lumps, had them removed and the seventh turned out to be cancer. Just never can tell. I hope all is going well with you...and that your lump was found early. Linda
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    I also had many lumps after having initial breast removed for stage 3 very invasive breast cancer along with 11 out of 21 nodes were positive. I think my chances at the time, after having my lump sluffed off as fibrous cyst, were less than 50% I was stunned after all these years since my grandmother had breast cancer and had cobalt.
    I was tired not sick and was a well built athletic female who showed no signs of being ill. 8 months later I had moved started a new job and now was sicker than a dog. Got to the point I couldn't work anymore and had to find a doctor in crisis situation after trying to find one the right way. They didn't have to tell me what I had I had to convince them to listen to me. I had surgery less than a week later and then a year later the second mastectomy because I kept having lumps that were begnine and they wanted me to keep them. All I tried to convince myself of was how life was grand. I felt like I stumbled through all I had to go through and have survived 7 years later. Life sure does go on with or without us. Good luck to you in your fight.