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hello writing for my husband who was diagnosed with lc stage IIIB a couple of months ago. since then he has been through radiation, chemo, 5 bronchoscopies, 3 intubations, feeding tube placement, pneumonia, esophagus trouble, low red blood cell count and on and on. we want to ask for help and support mostly surrounding depression. he is on 7.5 mg of remeron and i read that the usual dosage is 15 to 45. also he wants to know if there is hope that he will feel well again. he is most likely aspirating food and drink so only has tube feedings. he has some pleural effusion and non cancerous fluid around one of the lungs. he is on oxygen 6 litres and a ton of meds including heart medication and coumadin. also takes ativan for anxiety. he is sleeping a very very lot and is concerned about that. should he be? anyone been there? thanks for listening. would appreciate any type of support. we are still traumatized. we have two little girls. peace and hope to you all....jennifer


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    hi Jennifer,I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I have sclc andam in remission fora year in feb. the tiredness is always a part of treatment, as far as the other meds I can't help with, I am here to support you and your family and will keep you all in my prayers, I also have to children,but are older,but thisdamn disease doesn't care of any age or gender! There is another website that has alot of support} , I know this isn't too much of anything but I truly will pray for you and family. Tell your husband that he will feel better but it is a slow proceedure. I was on oxygen but was taken off ,in time. Well Bless you Jennifer and Family and God Bless.if you want to e=mail me for any support or anyway that I might help,it is take care, Mike