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My doctors are suggesting that I take decadron the night before and the morning before my chemotherapy with Taxol. Are there any side effects. Have others had to take decadron?


  • squeeboo
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    I took decadron the night before and morning of taxol treatments. I had no side-effects. Decadron is a steroid and I think it's used to help prevenmt allergic reactions to taxol.
    Good luck!
  • slamaj
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    Same for me, I take it the morning and evening before and the morning of chemo. No side effects either. My onc said it's a small dose taken for a limited time so there shouldn't be any side effects but it can help prevent allergic reaction to the chemo. Good luck, Julene
  • chemoqueen1
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    Same here, except I'm on Taxotere. The decadron is to preven swelling and allergic reaction. No side effects
  • banker
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    Hi I had decadron too , was given to me via IV each time before chemo, had no problems, except I was hungry as soon as I got done with chemo and had to have mashed potatoes with gravy every time.
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    I take decadron the day before, the day of (via my IV) and the day after my Taxotere. The only side effect I noticed was that I had trouble sleeping that night so I would suggest not taking it after about 3:00 in the afternoon. And you might notice an increased appetite although probably not for mashed potatoes with gravy! Good luck, Karen.
  • heavenlee
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    Hello there..
    The only side effect I beleive I had was that it caused weight gain. I took decadron before all my chemo a total of about 5..but that was with AC..not when I took Taxol. Other than all went well.
    Good luck and God BLess..
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    I had decadron before Taxol, during via an IV, and after. I also had it with AC. The only side effect I had was a 10lb weight gain.