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Does anyone on Tamoxifen have a weight gain problem. I'm trying to determine what is causing the gain - ie fluid retention or blocked metabolism - so I can deal with my gain.

Thanks for your help!


  • prayerangel
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    Pollyana, thanks for associating the Tamoxifen with weight gain. I didn't even think of that. I was wondering why I was bigger/fatter. I still have the hot flashes, but am on Effexor for that. They were worse.
  • karbear
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    Polyanna, welcome to the club. I have been on Tamox for a year now and gained over 20 pounds!! I have been exercising and its so hard to lose it, I don't eat alot so I know its not that, I believe its Tamox,I have talked to others with this problem. I guess all we can do is exercise and try to remain active. Best of Luck.God Bless, Karin
  • ksfc
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    Count me in....and I was a plus-size to begin with.......sigh....... We've had a few laughs about how out of all the kinds of cancer in the world, I got the kind with treatment that causes you to gain weight. Of all the luck - LOL!!
    Take care - Diane