Tissue Expansion after Radiation

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I'm trying to find anyone out there who has had a tissue expander placed in a breast that has been radiated. I had a right mastectomy in 1998, with chemo and radiation following. I am now (5/03) going ahead with reconstruction. I had a prophylactic (sp?) mastectomy on the left and had tissue expanders placed in both breasts. The left expander is tight but very bearable. The right (and radiated) breast is very tight and very uncomfortable. The breasts don't match either. The radiated breast is high and the left is more natural. Has anyone else chosen this method? And did you have pain? I'm extremely uncomfortable and can't imagine continually pumping more saline in. Does the final implant feel comfortable and look natural like the other breast? Thanks for any feedback.


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    I have gone through exactly what you are experiencing. The radiated side was really high. The un-radiated side did look more natural, but was a little sideways looking. I just had permanent silicone implants put in 3.5 weeks ago and am having trouble with the un-radiated side. That muscle is strong and pushes hard, while the other side is more docile. When the plastic surgeon went in (after having the fillable Mentor implants in for 8 mos.) the un-radiated side's implant was NOT under the muscle any longer. It was uncomfortable filling them, but I wanted a good C cup, so I pressed on. I smothered my breasts every single day with cocoa butter so my skin would stretch well. If you would like to e-mail me, feel free. Karen