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Hi ladies,
I had bi-lateral mastectomy on April 16th and had tissue expanders put in at that time. Can anyone who went through this comment on how long it takes for the pain to get better. My plastic surgeon doesn't want me to take any more pain medicine so I have been using just Extra Strength Tylenol and Vicodin only at night when I go to bed. I know it is probably the stretching but it is really deep pain. When I came out of the surgery the expanders had some fluid (I think he said 100 CC on each side) and he already put more in last week. Maybe we are moving too fast on the expanding. I went to a speacialty bra store last week and she was shocked that I was already a B cup in only 2 weeks.

My other question is about Post-Op bras. Have any of you found a source for Bras that are comfortable. I have very sensitive skin and wearing the bra 24/7 is really bothering my skin, not to mention the fact that the bras I am using are not comfortable. I ordered a Bra from the specialty store I went to but it was $93 so that is a little steep to buy more than 1. I hope to get it in the mail on Monday and hope that it helps but if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. I am really pleased with how the results look so far but it would really help if I could know when to expect the pain to get better.

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    Diane, I didn't have a bilateral mast, only on the right side and I can understand how uncomfortable you must be. With only the one side I had trouble sleeping, had to surround and prop up my mastectomy side just to sleep. I sure hope that gets better for you. The expansion maybe a little fast,it's best to talk to the plastic surgeon or your breast surgeon to decide for sure though. I know I found the expansion process to be more uncomfortable than I anticipated. As for the bras, I was never comfortable with bras, hated them and even before my diagnosis I started wearing body briefers, and after surgery they were a blessing! Nothing sliding up my back, or over my mastectomy scar. Just don't get one with an underwire! I've used a front hook sports bra a couple of times but even that is not comfortable. Maybe a body briefer will work for you. Here's hoping your pain and discomfort go away soon. Good luck! Julene
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    I had a bilateral on February 18th with the chest expanders. Hang in there kid. you will start feeling better soon. You will feel the chest expanders for awhile. They will stop hurting but will still feel uncomfortable though not all the time.The best thing I did was when they started bothering me I got up and did something or called someone anything to take my mind off them. Also my doctor told me to wear a sports bra. Though this is hard to get on and off without help at first you will not believe how much better you will feel wearing one. good luck!
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    Hi Diane!

    Sorry you're in so much pain. I use ice packs for my breast pain (lumpectomy-no reconstruction). At first, I used heat.

    Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will cover part of the cost for a bra(s?) if you have a prescription from your doctor.

    I hope your pain subsides SOON.

    Take care,