One down, seven to go

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Well, I survived my first chemo session. The week was pretty bad with fatigue (and that's not a strong enough word) and nausea. I have almost completely lost my apetite but try to make myself eat something just to keep from dry heaves. Hoping my second session will be better, if not, I will do it anyway. It is worth the pain to win this battle. And I AM a winner.


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    Hi susan, Hang in there, tell your Dr. about the nausea and fatigue, He can help with that. My first chemo treatment was so bad, I told them I wouldn't be back, but He said he would fix the problem, and he did. I had adrimicin/ cytoxin(4 rounds) and 4 of taxotere. last treatment was in July of 02.... so far so good. good luck and GOD BLESS!!!keep us (((hugs))) and prayers...Flo
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    I agree with Flo - let your doctors and nurses know. I did and they switched my nausea meds - it still wasn't perfect, but it helped. Take care - Diane
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    Hi Susan
    On Tuesday, I have session #7, and one more to go, so I am just opposite of you right now. I did have a very bad time with nausea also and almost gave up. It took several different meds tried over several different sessions before they came up with a combination that helped significantly. Don't give up. Let your dr. or nurse oncologist know you need something different if your nausea meds are not controlling your nausea. Don't let yourself get dehydrated. Praying you will find the right combination SOON!
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    Good for you, Mosis!!! You ARE a winner!

    As the other ladies have said, talk to your doctor NOW, so they know what didn't work for that first treatment, so he/she can have a different arsenal ready when your 2nd treatment is due. Don't wait because they need to know these things in order to keep you as comfortable as possible. Anytime you're having post treatment nausea, call them and let them know and they can call in a script for something different, right away. Suffering unnecessarily, in silence, is NOT part of the game plan. Trust me, your doctor wants and needs to know these things.

    Wishing you an even better result for your second treatment.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hang in there. I had a bad experience as well my first treatment. The nurse assured me as well that there is other antinausea medications that they can try. They switched me to zofran and it truly made a difference. Hang in there, and as trying as it may be at times, it will truly be worth it in the end. I also added a sleep aid during treatment times which seemed to help. It will get better, believe me.