Tamoxifen vs. Toremifene?

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Hi! Has anyone taken toremifene? My onc suggested that it might be an option for me over tamoxifen. From what I've read, it does have a lower risk of uterine cancer but also, alot of what I've read says its only for postmenopausal women which ain't me (yet)! I'd appreciate any input anyone has on this. Thanks, Karen


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    Hi Karen, never heard of toremifene but I took tamoxifen for 2 years and then switched over to Arimidex for the same reasons you mentioned. Sorry I can't be of any help but maybe you can ask your oncologist about Arimidex. Alot of women take it. Good luck. Marie
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    It blocks estrogen as does tamoxifen but there's a lot more known about tamoxifen then toremifene. For myself, I would not want to take it because the consensus of oncologists is that tamoxifen is known and they intend to stick to it for awhile as the first line of anti-estrogen medicine.

    See the following site

    Good luck in your decision.