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Hello Everyone!
This is my first post to this group. When I’m reading your posts I get the feeling that everybody knows about colorectal cancer so much. I know you can help me!
First I’ll describe what the situation is. We live in Warsaw, Poland.
My Mum has a colorectal cancer stage 4. She is 56 and became ill about three weeks ago. She had pain in her abdomen, indigestion, constipations, bloat and her stomach growled. Doctor gave her some medicines but they helped only a little. Ten days later her digestive duct stopped working. After medical examination in clinic in Warsaw she had surgery operation 12 days ago. It was made a by-pass in digestive duct to avoid the section with tumor (5x4x3cm).
They did this because colorectal cancer spreaded in several places in pit of the abdomen and bowel. The metastasis are also on ovaries, womb and other organs. But the lungs and liver are not affected.
The tumor couldn’t be removed because it was too large, too spreaded and too late diagnosed. According to doctors (surgeons) from one of the Warsaw’s hospitals my Mum became terminal cancer patient. They said that the conventional treatment (surgery, chemio- and radioteraphy) is useless.
We couldn't believe it so we went to get the second opinion. We chose a cancer-colorectal specialist (Warsaw’s Institute of Oncology ). He said they we should try chemotherpy. That we should do it as a palliative treatment. Which chemo should we try? How much time will we gain? What is your opinion? What other tests should we do (they only did histopathology)?
And the second problem is that my Mum’s digestive system still is not working. The operation didn’t help (and it is about week form it). There can be the second operation. Doctors say that the part of the bowel has twisted and they try to empty the digestive system with probe (but I don’t know exactly how to call it in English). We must wait until Sunday. Maybe somebody had similar situation? What should we do?

Sorry for my English but I wrote it in real hurry.
I would appreciate any kind of help.



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    Dear wmarzurczyk, my husband had chemo (5fu) and radiation, which shrunk his tumor by 60 percent. then surgery which went well and followed up by more chemo. Get a good onocologist and surgeon. Feed her body, soul and spirit with as much healthy loving goodness as she can stand. respect what she wants, it's her life, she gets to call the shots. Take good care of yourself, make yourself strong and healthy. Did you know this can run in the family, so you all need to watch. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and berries, how ever you can get them, fresh, frozen, canned or freeze dried. There is ellagic acid in berries, especially raspberried which is being effective in treating lab animals with colon cancer. Kick, scream, cry, be scared, but mostly show your mom what a great job she has done by raising up such a lovely, wonderful daughter. Best medicine a mom can have. My Love and Prayers, to you and your Family
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    Ask your doctors about Xeloda. My mom has been diagnosed with Stage IV colorectoral cancer April, 2002. Tried several different types of chemo - only Xeloda ( pills ) has taken her markers down. The side effects are extremely rough.
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    dear friend, try the 5fu chemo. It wont make your mom so sick that she can't enjoy what time you all have left with her/ the second opion was great. If there is any advise I can give is try not to think about how much time you have left, but rather enjoy every second you can of being together. I lost my momm 9 weeks ago after a 7 month battle. It really is very hard and you are going to see her get very sick. Try to always remember every thing good. It also depends on the agressiveness of her cancer. It sounds agressive, and there is no way to really prepare for what it coming. Just enjoy her and fight like hell. Good luck!