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I completed my breast cancer treatments March 1, 2003 (had a lumpectomy with re-excision, 6 mos. of CMF chemo followed by radiation). Hooray for being finished! Now I know I'll sound like an ingrate (I'm truly so happy to be healthy), but how long 'til I'll be feeling like my old self? I'm still suffering from a lot of discomfort in the radiated area, all my leg joints are inflamed and have me limping around like some kind of pathetic dipso (my oncologist tells me this is not that uncommon for some women following chemo) and general tiredness. I'd welcome hearing from others on their experiences. Thanks.


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    Congrats on finishing treatment! My story is similar. I finished all treatments in Sept. 2001. The energy level came back in about 6 weeks. I found it really helped to get out and walk. The exercise and air did me wonders. My hair growing back really helped too! I still have joint pain occasionally (I'm 40). I take tamoxifin so it could be due to that. I think you will find a "new" self, and better self, not your old self. Be kind to your mind and body. Best wishes!
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    I didn't have CMF - I had AC followed by rads, but my onc said as a general rule to expect to notice a significant difference at about 6 months and he said that many people notice another leap at 2 years - whether that's totally physical or psychological who can say. As far as the rads, I can empathize. I was burned pretty badly and have had a lot of fluid retention, lymphadema, cellulitis, etc. I finished treatment in August of 2002. It's hard when you just want to move on, but you have to find your new normal and go from there. I notice that on days like today when I do feel well, I truly appreciate my health........Diane
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    Congratulations to you! It's very possible you may never feel like your old self and maybe that's okay-look what you've been thru! I did six months of chemo followed by 7 weeks of radiation therapy and I did awesome thru treatment-never got sick and kept a full time job. So howcome I'm now taking Wellbutrin for depression??!! We go thru this major life-altering process focusing so hard on just getting thru it that when it's finally over, we find ourselves wondering "what the heck do I do now!". Take a deep breath and relax...give yourself plenty of time to get back to feeling "new and improved". I had a hairdresser give me a good tip...prenatal vitamins. They make your hair grow faster and at the same time can help your body with recovery. Ask your oncologist before starting them-you can get them over the counter these days. I've been out of treatment now for 15 months (yea!!) and I'm still taking them. I find my joint pain to be worse now too-I need to have a knee replacement but I still don't feel ready. I thing it's important that as women, we continue to listen to our bodies and make the best effort possible to put our needs first if possible, or as high on the list as we can. I figure I can do anything I set my mind to and I'll bet you can too! So be good to yourself, take time to heal, seek medical help with that process if necessary and every day will get better. God Bless and take care! Sharon
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    Congratulations on completing chemo and rads. I had AC/Taxotere/5Fu and rads. I still get tired. Finished up end of November of 2002. Not too bad, just every once and a while. I started exercising and feel better with that. Like others said, we have been through a lot and it takes our bodies some time to rid it self of the meds. My arm and side still get tender from the radiation, and everyonce in a while my ribs are sore, like a pulled muscle. I am on tamoxifin. Give yourself some time and enjoy your life. Sandy