trans flap-groin pain

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I wrote earlier about groin pain. My plastic surgeon said it was probably mesh or scar tissue and that I'd have to live with it. It was intermittent, but its getting worse. I've been in a lot of pain for the past 24 hours. I'm taking percoset, but I'm still in pain. I had bilateral mastectomy and abdominal transflap surgery 3 months ago. Has anyone else had this kind of pain 3 months later? Will it get better? Thanks


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    I haven't had that particular pain, but I've had alot of problems with healing the abd wound after a trans flap. I'm almost 6 months post op and have an open wound that I pack 2 times a day.
    But..... Pain that Percocet does not cover is not pain you should be asked to live with. Talk to your plastic surgeon or seek another opinion.
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    Hi! I had a tramflap in Sept.2000.I hate to tell you but I have had periods of pain with spasm from my ribs to the mesh on and off the whole time.This is my oblique abdominal muscles. My titanium screws are loosening. If I had seen the MD at the time of the discomfort, he would inject the area . He says it's the nerve endings that get irritated then cause inflamation which causes spasm which causes pain. I think you should demand a better pain med or ask about some other option. He recently told me he could remove some of the clips with a scope or if I really wanted,or he could take out the mesh and clips but that would be major surgery. I may opt for the scope because I do physical work as well as play tennis and work out and this restricts what I can do at times. Good luck. Be firm or get another opinion. HUGS!! Cathy