need info on Xeloda Oxaliplatin pyridoxime raspberries

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Hi to all. My husband will start xeloda with Oxaliplatin and pyridoxine to treat stage iv colon cancer. Has anybody some advice for us? Also, is anybody trying the new rage, black raspberries? I've learned freeze dried are the highest in ellagic acid and would like to know where to purchase them. My best wishes to Us all, IloveRon


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    I, too, would like information on Xeloda from anyone who has taken it. My mother has just been diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer. Her doctor is putting her on Xeloda because he says the side effects are mild. Is this true? She had surgery to remove the tumor from her colon, but it had attached itself to her pelvic wall and the surgeon could not get all of it. There was also a small (one centimeter) tumor on her liver that he was able to remove. The oncologist has told us mom's cancer is terminal and, of course, we are all terrified. Any suggestions? Is there any hope???