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My mother was diagosed with non-small cell lung cancer in May of '02. They removed a wedge from her lung where the cancer was. In surgury they found the cancer had spread to the outside of the lung, stage IIIA. It was so small it didn't show up on any tests. No chemo or treatment could be started until she healed from the surgery. In October, the Dr. said they didn't want to start chemo until the cancer begins to grow or spread. While I am so happy for the time we have had, I am very frustrated that no proactive treatment is being done to try to prevent this from spreading or growing. Is it normal to wait for lung cancer to progress before beginning treatment? I feel like we should be fighting to do all we can to keep it from progressing? Has anyone experienced anything similiar?


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    Hello FHT, My very best to you and your mom.

    I'm somewhat similar to your mom; I was dx.'ed in April 2001 with NSCLC, squamous type and had my left lung removed on 5/2/01 along with 18 lymph nodes. At that time they found the cancer had invaded one node which was in the lung so I was staged at IIB with no chemo or radiation recommended. In fact I was pronounced cancer free. I assume they did the same with your mom, meaning removed the nodes. I sought and obtained a second opinion which agreed with the follow up recommendations from the surgeon. What I was told was that they do not want to subject you to the chemo or radiation because there is no statistical proof that it will help. However, I am watched by my medical oncologist very closely. I see him every 3 months. I have ct scans done of my head, chest and abdomen every 6 months ( every 3 for 1st year ) along with bloodwork and chest x-rays. Although, this plays havoc with my nerves, living from scan to scan, it is working out OK for me. It's been just about 2 years now and I remain cancer free. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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    My Mom & Dad had to fight to get Mom to the right sort of doctor's. Dad couldn't believe the oncologist here....he wouldn't refer Mom to another hospital or even out of state.....meanwhile the clock is ticking away....GRRRRR on the idiot doctor! Anyways that doctor said Mom only had 6 months to a yr. to live....well guess what???? she has lived a lot longer than that...she finally was accepted into M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston Tx. and was on a trial with different drugs....the doctor's down there (at M.D. Anderson) said Mom was the only paitent (sp?) that has come this far in our trial....everyone else had died. so mom was a successful paitient.

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    Hi, I have lung cancer and will be starting my second bout with chemo tomorrow. I also had to wait for it to get active again. I am stage 111B and this is what they call palliative treatment. They do not want to treat until needed because they want the person to have as much normal living and syptom free pain free ect....This is living with cancer...I went five months without any treatment/remission, but now it is back. I wish you best of luck and all my prayers.