Survivor here...been looking for a board like this for years.

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In 6th grade I knew I was going to get testicular cancer (don't know how or why), and when I was 21 it happenned. I'm 28 now. I was lucky I guess. I had the first surgery to remove my testical, then had the retropreneal lymphnode disection...which was 100% free of cancer cells. I went back for blood tests for 3 years, and I haven't worried about it since cause my lympnodes were 100% clear...I didn't have to do chemo, but I know I would have had to if I let it go for too long b/c one of the kinds I had was yok sac (if that makes sense to anyone).

Despite the silicone stories 7 years ago, my mom was a nurse & was able to hunt down an implant for me. I was happy about this b/c things just didn't hang right. In appearance you cannot tell it's fake, but it is a bit hard and, well, not MY testical.

I'm sure everyone who's had the lymphnode disection surgery can attest to the pain, not being able to sleep for days in a row, massive swelling, and pretty much complete loss of an athletic build (not easy to get back). Having a huge scar on your tummy is always an attention getter at the beach. lol.

For some time I worried about finding a soul mate. I didn't know if anyone would want to date a guy with one testical. I eventually met that special someone a little over 5 years ago, and it hasn't seemed to be a big deal. Kids aren't in our future sense I'm gay, so a low sperm count is not of concern. For those who want kids, I wish you the best.

Anyway, I've been searching for a board like this for several, several years. TC survivors don't have anyone to talk with; it's not very common & it's a "male" thing in guys generally not wanting to express their feelings. This board could be much more user friendly, but hey, finally there's a place! Chicago / Milwaukee burbs


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    hey dude-don't be so hard on yourself-i have had testicular twice!!so I don't have anything down there-I am married and have two kids and my wife kind of thought testes were ugly anyway-but she understands-if you find a loving mate-just remember you have something no one has probably seen before...I know I do. Take care
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    HI, thanks for posting your story. I'm so glad you posted and shared the part about being concerned about finding a partner, I know a lot of men would be thinking about that but not sure how and if to actually put it out there. I also check out the forum at There are some pretty frequent posters, some who have had an implant, the RPLND, etc. they are some real friendly and supportive folks. Best wishes to you and continued clear markers!
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    Hi St. Pat!

    Ok... it took me to til the age of 48 to come to terms with being gay... and now you tell me I should have realized I would get TC at at the age of 12 too!!! LMqAO!!! That's as bad as my best friend telling me that he knew I was gay 6 years before I did! LOL!

    I have to agree with you though, I do not have an implant and my briefs have never fit right. I guess I should go to boxers but I'm stuck in my ways. Dang things ride up and tend to strangle the other testicle!

    I too had an RPLND and with the scar for the original tumor and the gall bladder (went bad after rad therapy) scar I have the mark of Zorro permanently emblazoned on my chest. The RPLND scar is even worse because of an infection that I got in it and it was opened up to drain. Well, doesn't make for a toned tummy but those who reallly care are those who count.

    Take care... Lynn
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    Hello, I'm a 19 yr. old TC survivor. I was wondering about the implant. Is it expensive? I really haven't given it much thought, but I guess it's something to look's just that I don't want anymore surgery down there!
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    Scott311 said:

    Hello, I'm a 19 yr. old TC survivor. I was wondering about the implant. Is it expensive? I really haven't given it much thought, but I guess it's something to look's just that I don't want anymore surgery down there!

    My doc was talking about implants. He went on until he got to the part about where some of them abraid their way out THROUGH the scrotum. That's when I stopped him cold and decided I could live with only one family jewel. The only reason to consider an implant is for pure vanity. I mean, it's not like everybody on the street is going to know you have one nut, and anybody who *does* see that you only have one should be understanding enough not to have a problem with it. I've been with four different people ("that way") since my surgery, and none of them has had a problem with there only being one.

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