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I am having my implant put in next week. I had some reconstruction when I had my surgery 12/02 they brought my back muscle forward, but I also need a implant in my left breast. My right has to be reduced due to the fact that my left will not be able to expand to much. When I had my masectomy in Dec, the tumor was so close to my skin they had to remove the skin so there is not much room left for it to stretch. I am terrified about how much pain they say the implant will bring. I am 37 years old. Is reconstruction worth it? Has anyone gone through a breast reduction?


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    hi there-been there done that the only thing is i didnt go with the back muscle had an expander put in at the same time they did the removal of my right breast and then they had to put an implant in my left to even them out.My tumor was the same way very close to skin so they also removed my skin,tissue everything.There is going to be pain with all things that change your body there is but mine was done last november and im doing great.No my new boobs arent perfect but im alive and this summer im going to wear things i never could before-was very small chested.Your going through a very tough time and days you will just wonder if the surgery was worth it -but give it time your body has gone through a big change.My thoughts are with you.
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    Pain management is a big issue in healthcare at the present time. If you find that your post-op medication is ineffective in controlling your discomfort, tell the doctor. Your medication will be switched to something better for you.
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    Dear Cammie,
    I think we are all different, but for me personally if I had it to do over again, and know what I know now I would not have done it. (i had the back thing done like you did)
    I had it done right after the masectomy (two for the price of one - NOT) 5 weeks later I had a recurrance on that same side and lost everything during second surgery. So far I have been extreamly happy with my prostetic breast. To each his own.
    Good luck and dont be afriad to ask your doctor ANYTHING! Make notes - and take them with you to apointments.
    Good luck and God Bless
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    I just went through reconstruction 3 weeks ago. I am still unconfortable. I am not in pain as much as I am having muscle spasms. I had a tissue expander but it was a little high so the implant had to stretch the lower tissue. I think it is worth doing, but expect to be unconfortabe for a while. Good Luck
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    I had my reconstruction done along with the mastectomy. I had a trans flap using my lower abdominal muscles. This was back in Nov 02 and I am still having major problems with the abdominal wound. In March I spent 17 days in the hospital and recieved 30 hyperbaric treatments to encourage healing. A little better but I still have a hole in my belly the size of a 50 cent piece that's 3 inches deep and has a few tunnels. I pack it 2 times a day.
    I tell you all this not to scare you but to encourage you to ask lots of questions, look at pictures of the surgery and ask to speak or meet with someone who has gone through it. Some of these procedures are big, really big surgeries and physicians don't always see things from the patients vantage point.
    The good news is I have a friend who had the trans abdominal flap 5 weeks after mine and she already has her nipple on and has finished her final shaping. She did wonderful. We were both the same age, but I had a large gallbladder surgery scar and I was alittle heavier then she is. So we are all different.
    After all this I don't know if I would do it again.
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    I had bilateral diep flap reconstruction in January and am so pleased. The diep preserves the muscle and only uses fat. If you have any questions, please ask.