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my mother had a hemiglossectomy, mouth floor dissection, and radical left sided neck dissection for squamous cell carcinoma on February 12. They used a flap of muscle from her forearm to reconstruct her tongue and mouth floor. Chemo and radiation were interuppted because she had severe side effects from them and then ended up with what they thought was cellulitis in her neck three weeks ago. we found out this week that it is not cellulitis. She has a recurrence, four new tumors to be exact. they cannot do anymore surgery on her, cause she would not leave the hospital afterward. She would have to stay there until the end. they have now given her about 6 months to live and we must start facing up to the inevitable. the problem is that mom is in serious denial and depression. not sure what to do to get her through this. anyone have any suggestions?


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    I cannot put into words the sorrow I feel whenever I hear a story like this. You have my deepest sympathies. All I can say is that you shouldn't give up. Never give up the hope of life until it is truly gone. If your mother does die of this, so much hope may make the funeral more painful, but it will help your mom feel much better. Be there for her and encourage her. Also, I recommend calling an organization called "Cancer Treatment Centers of America." They have cured many cases that doctors have deemed 'inoperable.' It may only be a small glimmer of hope, but it is there and it may help. Best wishes to both you and your mom. Don't give up the fight.
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    something like this really annoys me surely they knew your porr mum did not have much of a chance befroe they put her through all that hellish treatment I call it salh burn poison treatment instead she is no terminal and at least couldhave had a alighlty better quality of life without all that