anyone here est neg with femara ?

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i'm wondering why my chemo oncologist precribed femara for 5 years then when i changed med group and got a new onco why he says no to femara ??? i am est neg stage 2 lower aux node infected infilturating duct carcinoma any one have est neg and taking femara ?


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    Katabo, From what I have read the diffence between Femara and tamoxifen is that Femara (inhibitor) works by lowering the circulation of estrogen in the body-tamoxifen (anti estrogen)blocks it... if you were estrogen negative then it would make sence that you would need neither one wouldnt it? However, it says in my book that sometimes in postmenopausal woman it is used-even tho there is only about 10% chance of responding to it. Femara wroks by blocking the conversion of androgen (in the adrenal gland) to estrogen. The side effects dont seem to be as numerous as with tamox. In other words Femara is used in post menapausal woman to block estrogen which is now no longer produced by the ovary--as oposed to pre-menalpausal woman whos estrogen is still be produced by the ovaries.. Now is that is clear as MUD??
    hope it helps.
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