Squeamous cell tumor betw.anus and prostate radiated 2 yrs ago/living with side effects

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Although my cancer was not specifically prostate, I'm told by docs that the radiation and chemo I received was same as for prostate cancer. I now live with the side effects which can sometimes be debilitating: 1) Wear partial guard pad in case of fecal accidents 2)off and on sexual performance 3) no more pubic hair, no more sperm 4)testosterone no longer produced by body/require shots 5) neuropathy in feet 6) also living with HIV for last 10 yrs. There seem to be NO support groups I fit into in Boston. I've asked at the MGH Cancer Resource Center with no luck and at the AIDS Action with no luck. What to do? I would just like to be able the chat sometimes with men going thru similar but I don't fit in with HIVers anymore or just prostate cancer survivors. Am I alone?


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    You are not alone. Although there are some symptons that many do not have you are a cancer survivor like the rest of us.

    Much of what you are experiencing is same/similiar to what many of us had.

    Does your doctor expect some of these side effects to go away? I had to sit down with myself and determine realistically "is this symptom really that bad or life altering"?

    The answer I came back with was that some of them were a real inconvenience but when compared with hopefully having my life extended untill???.. was worth the little inconveniences.

    Life has and is a matter of adjustmemt to various challanges / changes that come along. You will make it and time will lessen or cure some of these annoying side effects and some won't matter.

    Hang in there.
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    Although I can not help you with your condition, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am going through the initial decision making process on prostate cancer treatments. As you read through these pages, You will find that you are not alone, countless numbers of men are going through similiar ordeals like you are. Keep you courage up ! You will get through this.

    Try Prayer ! Prayer changes Things !