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I had surgery on March 20 for colon cancer and have recovered completely. I start chemotherapy April 30. I think I am prepared. I have gotten a lot of nice replies to my first message. This question I have now is not that important, but has anyone ever heard of putting vitamin E oil on a scar to help it fade and heal faster? Any information would be helpful. Thanks, fandaj


  • hyler1
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    Absolutely. I had neck surgery 2 1/2 years ago and my surgeon recommended vitamin E cream. I believe it really helped reduce the visibility of the scar.
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    I had my surgery on July 24th last year and the surgeon recommended I rub cream on it as well and it does work and reduces the visibility as much as you can for a scar from your navel to your groin. Yes it does help
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    I have given up on worring about the scars I have only a pirate could love. I am happy for them they mean I am alive. Vit E does work however.
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    My sister and I both had our colons removed. We both used vitamin E and cocoa butter cream. They both worked incredibly!!
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    Ahoy fandaj -

    Those scars are doosies, aren't they? Vitamin E helped mine, too and now most of the fur on my frontside covers it, but, alas, I fear my career as a swimsuit model is over! (However I have been interviewing for a pirate position with vixeny's crew)

    Be well

    - SpongeBob
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    I have used this great stuff called "Mederma." It comes in a tube and you can buy it at Walgreens. It is kind of expensive (about $27) but it is working great. My scar is about 10 mos. old and almost completely gone. Hope it helps!
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    I am a woman, 52 and was diagnosed last September with stage 2 colon cancer. After surgery, I had to do the 6-treatment series as a precautionary. I am in my recovery period now, I just finished my last chemo treatment (5Fu and Leucavorin)5 weeks ago. I must tell you it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't a party either!!! I lost some hair, not all, a little nausea, my skin color became very dark (I am olive tone to begin with), skin became very dry and one thing you might consider doing is chew on ice or something cold, popsicle, ice soda, etc, for 10 minutes before and after treatment. This will eliminate mouth sores or keep them at a minimum. I was told they are one thing you really want to avoid because of the discomfort. The first treatment was not bad at all, but as you get into your last 3 treatments, you really start to feel fatigued, nausea, and food doesn't taste or smell very good. All in all I know that it could have been worse, I just thank my God that he has carried me through all of this as I am sure He will with you. Believe me, a little discomfort now is well worth it. As my neighbor said to me one day as I was "expressing" my discomfort, "The reward to all of this is survival". Aint that the truth! With all the good medical technology that is available to us now, this can just be one more stepping stone for us to take in our lives. I hope this bit of information will help you or anyone else reading these comments. Hang in there fandaj, this will soon be over. With my prayers, Yolie PS: as to Vitamin E, my doctor suggested it - it has worked very well for me.