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I was diagnosis with small cell lung cancer on 10/09/02. I had gone through pneumonia in left lower lung for several weeks to fine the whole left lund collapsed. I have gone through chemo cisplatium and etopside (Iam not sure of spelling) radiation to left lung for 30 cycle. In February I wasn't able to breath, it was difficult to take a breath. I ended up in the hospital on a vent for 2 or 3 days. The doctors said I would not tolerate being taking off the vent and they thought I would die. Well they were wrong, I am here and my upper left lung is opened all the way up, but bottom lung is not. There are days I go without my oxygen for 8 to 10 hours a day and I feel really good. Well after getting off the vent the doctor gave me 2 months to live. He wanted me to get my afair in order. Well I went home and did that but, I was up every morning taking a shower or bath, helping with dishes, dressing myself and feeling pretty good. So I decided to talk to my oncologist. She wanted to do another ct scan of chest, abd, and pelvis. They found a 1.8cm mass on the adrenal gland and a less than 2 cm mass on the right pelvis. Both of these were present after one dose of chemo and before radiation. They want to do a biopsy of the adrenal gland, I say ok, then they call be back to say , it is in a difficult position to get to. they would rather do a bone biopsy. So I went with that. The nurse called be to tell me the bone biopsy didn't say much, I asked what it did say and she said negative. Then I started asking other question and she wanted me to ask the doctor. The nurse did say NOW they want to do a biopsy of the adrenal gland. I feel like they are playing games, or they don't know what to do. Any help or hope for me.


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    hi,I am mike,I have small cell lung cancer.and am inoperable, no mets though,I would definitely get a second opinion, and also ask why no PET SCAN,to make sure no mets to brain as this cancer likes to go to brain. I am in remission since Feb of last year.I had cisplatnum,carboplatnum, vp16 and taxol, I also had six and a half weeks of radiation five times a week. MY e-mail is handle@nauticom.net if you want to send me one. God bless and take care, Mike
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    Hi, I also have small cell lung cancer. I was diagonosed in Oct of 2000. They told me I was inoperable. I had a pet scan to see if met anywhere else. I was lucky it did not. I had 3 rounds of cisplatin and gemiside (spelling). the chemo did not shrink the tumors very much. The I had what is called radio surgery. It is radiation, but targeted to the specific areas. It is new and you have to pass breathing tests but it burned out the tumors. It is now almost 2 years since last treatment and so far so good. Keep up the hope and good attitude, I am convinced it helps to be positive. Always if you think there is something else they should be doing ask for a second opinion. Louise