NHL Stage 4 but not bulky

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I was diagnosed 11/18/02 with SLL and I start the 5th of 6th treatments of Rituxan/Fludarabine in May. Lymphoma was found in 40% of my bone marrow and in my colon. Had a biopsy after 3rd treatment and there were no signs of it in my bone marrow and the lymphoma cells in my colon have "improved". Side effects have been minimal, thank God! I haven't "relaxed" yet and probably won't until my treatments are over. Do you know of anyone in Stage IV with similar diagnosis and what's the longest time that you've heard of someone surviving who had a similar diagnosis as mine?


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    Ralph: I have had Non Hodgkins since 1996- small cell, follicular - stage lV. I have had various treatments including Rituxan. Have had relapses
    but seem to always respond well to treatment. I have had enlarged nodes in the lungs -not the colon. I think there is very good outcome for NHL and hope for the future. I wish you all the best. Please respond with any questions. I am now 55 - I was considered a "young" NHL patient.
    My understanding is that yes these cells spread fast via the lymph node system but they do not bulk up fast. Take care.