Side effect of stomach gas

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Hi. I've had my third of 4 treatments of chemo and after each one from day 3 to about 6, I experience stomach gas and I burp, burp and burp constantly. My doctor gave me some stomach medication but nothing helps. It makes me extremely sick (not to say unsociable!) and both the doctor and I are at a loss as to how to relieve the gas. I know it's from chemo since I'm not eating or drinking anything special and it goes away about the same time after each treatment only to reappear on schedule again. Any suggestions or similar experience out there? Thanks, Kate


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    Hi Kate! You didn't say what drug you are getting but in my experience, they have all caused me to have heartburn and to burp and hiccup. It's really quite lady-like and charming. The only thing I found that helps is Mylanta. I've actually come to enjoy the taste of Mylanta because I know the relief it will give me. I woke up last night and my throat was actually burning...I got up, took my Mylanta and slept like a baby after that. I don't know if it will work for you but you might try it. It might give you diarrhea so be ready for that. But if your chemo has you constipated, then you can kill 2 birds with one My sister suggested I try Tums Ultra because she swears by them for heartburn but I just can't stand the thought of chewing up those chalky tablets. Give me that sweet Mylanta slidin' down my throat. Are you getting the idea that I love my Mylanta? LOL. Good luck and you are almost done! Yippee!

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    I also vote with jamjar62's sister's suggestion for Tums. They come in all kinds of great fruit and other flavors nowadays. Didn't have a huge problem with stomach gas, but what I did have was completely handled with Tums. Plus older women eat Tums for stronger it the calcium? Again, killing two birds with one stone.