20 Year Old with Kidney Cancer

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Hello there, I'm new to the ACS CSN, so bare with me. I was diagnosed with Liver cancer back in April of 2002, when I collapsed in my front yard. I was in the hospital for a week, until they found out I had liver cancer. It was in December, when I was then diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, it formed in my left kidney. I also have Crohn's Disease, so that makes my treatments a lot harder. My left kidney is failing, and the doctors have given me a time frame of 7 months. I'm making this post to see if anyone has any other places to go for treatments, new treatments, experimental treatments.... basically anything??? Please, let me know... I don't care where I'd have to travel or how much it will cost, it's all worth it in the end... thank you.


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    Hi I am new here as well. I am 23 and I am a cancer survivor. I offer you my support right now, I don't remember having cancer but I can really relate to how you must be feeling. If you would like to talk just reply here at the site. Best wishes
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    Hello, My name is Diann.I'm a 37 and have 2 kids. I also had Kidney cancer. Alittle bit over 5 years ago. I had turned yellow. I went to the doctor. He keep me off from weeks of work. The problem was I felt fine. I didn't even no it. He Finally found spots on my lft kidney. So he sent me to Jackson. They found out it was cancer. So they took out my left kidney. I'm fortunate that I didn't have to go through all the treatments.now all this time. They think the cancer has come back. For the past 2 months. I'm have been through every test you can think of. I have a dr. appt on 05/01/03. So maybe they can tell me whats going on
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    i was told that I was young-40- at the timne of my renal cell carcinoma dx. i can only imagine being as young as you are and dealing with it. did you have surgery? i did, within 10 days of diagnosis. i had no symptoms, except an ache in my left side now and then. i was diagnosed while looking for another problem-meralgia paresthetica- which is a painful nerve problem in the thigh- and the ct showed the tumor, which had engulfed my left kidney. what a frightful, painful, totally unexpected shock! i am very lucky, though, most people do not find out until it is too late. mine was just in time. sure, the surgery is painful, but consider the alternative. you, and i , for some reason were and are being given another chance at life. the whole world looks different. little things that used to bother me dont matter anymore. im alive, and thank god you are too. i know you are going to beat this, you have many more problems than i. i also have lupus, but have still managed to heal well. as far as treatments, well, there is a very very well known cancer institute here in michigan-the Barbara KARMANOS cancer institute in southfield, mi. please give them a call i have a good feeling they can help you. we have alot of very very gifted physicians in this area. please email me and let me know how you are and if you contacted them. i also have the drs name who saved MY life. ill be waiting for your reply....
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    My heart goes out to you. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV RCC, with right kidney and lung mets this past December. His kidney was removed in January. Unfortunaltely, since then, it has spread to his hip, rib, and wrist bones. He also has two skin mets on his scalp. We have not given up and neither should you. You have youth on your side, you can fight this! My husband in currently on a IL-2 and Thalomid treatment protocol and we had to fight to get him on it. Luckily, we have an excellent primary care physician who will not give up either. Do not accept a 7 month prognosis. Get another doctor!!! Have you contacted the Kidney Cancer Association (1-800-850-9132)? They are very helpful. You might also want to try calling the National Cancer Institute (at the National Health Institute) in Bethesda, Maryland (admissions office# 1-301-496-3141, ext. 1). they may also be able to help. Good Luck; I'll pray for you.

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    I am sorry to hear about your kidney cancer at such a young age. I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma 7 years ago at the age of 43. I too had my left kidney removed. It was only a matter of time before I would urinate blood. I since have a lesion on my right kidney but I am hopeful it will not develop into cancer. I was treated at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard Solove Research Center in Columbus Ohio on the campus of The Ohio State University. This is an awesome cancer treatment and research center. There is hope. You are young and you need to fight this. I am living proof that kidney cancer can be beat. Best wishes for a cure and I will pray for you.