Do not crurise on Celebrity Cruise

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I was finished with Radiaion beam therapy for Prostate cancer and planed a cruise to celebrate. After the ship set sail, I was declined service at Celebrity and rudely left to leave the Ships spa. I did not receive an apology for this poor service. I had letters from my US doctor and even the ship's docotor which provided me a medical pass, yet I was still not allowed in the spa. I was told by the ship that this was their policy for treating former cancer patients... end of story.

My only comment is that if you have cancer, make sure you either lie about your condition before taking a cruise, or get the cruiseline to put into writing which fascilities you will have access too. It will save you a lot of frustration and anger on what would otherwise be a wonderful vacation


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    I appreciate your anger at the cruise line but would appreciate knowing more regarding your experience as we had talked about such a trip in the future??

    Is a "good health report" required by the medical profession for anyone traveling on a cruise line?

    Is this for all cruise lines or just Celebrity?

    Was there an open burn or wound caused by the radiation; were you "radio active" (usually only with seed implant and close proximity to small children/pregneant etc... ) may be a cause but not an exclusion??

    Did you require any non-normal accomodations as a result of your treatment?

    How soon after treatment was the cruise?

    Were you denied access ONLY to the spa and have your pursued a detailed reason for denial?

    Please, provide more information -- look forward to your response and thanks.