Shooting pains in my groin area

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Has anyone experienced this one? I was on Taxotere and I am still taking Xeloda. Every once in awhle, I will get a shooting pain in the groin area of my right leg...any clues on what that is all about???? Please help if you know of anything. Would be very appreciative.

Thanks, Carol


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    I was on taxol and still have aches and pains 3 years out. Just make sure it's not really your back causing the problem, Gisela
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    Hi Carol!

    I have had left-side groin pain for 2 yrs. It started the month I took Tamoxifen. However, I only took Tamoxifen for 9 mos., but the groin pain has continued.

    I had finished Taxol treatments 3 mos. prior. (Adriamycin/Cytoxin before that.) Hadn't thought that Taxol could be responsible. Definitely, something to think about.

    I don't recall having any shooting pains in that area. Mine are aching pains which are somewhat alleviated by heat &/or pressure.

    The first time I had the pain, it was painful (& scary) enough that I went to the OB-GYN that day. He said there was nothing gynecologically wrong. To shut me up, my ex-Oncologist said I had a urinary tract infection (even tho the urine test did not show this!), so he gave me antibiotics. I didn't have a urinary tract infection!

    The ache is more noticeable lying down. Standing or walking I don't notice it.

    Fortunately, the aching is much more tolerable now, but I still would like to know what's causing it! I am going to continue asking all the doctors. Maybe one will provide the answer. If so, I'll let you know!

    Take care,