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Hi! I need some help. I just had reconstructive surgery on my breast. I had a mastetomy in November and just had my implant put in a week and a half ago. I am in pain. The implant seems to be leaning on a muscle or something and causing pain. Is this normal? how long does it last? Your responses would be appreciated. Thanks


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    I did not have reconstruction, but pain management is a big issue within health care, so please call the doctor for adjustment of medication. Also, any time something is surgically changed, whether added or subtracted, it is normal for the body to complain mightily for a while. Hope you are feeling better soon.
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    I had my surgery 12 years ago, but I hope I can help some. First of all, since you had your implant put in, I will assume you went through the expansion phase already. That usually is the most painful part. My pain came from where the portal used to be during the expansion phase. That area stayed sore for a long time. But, still having pain just a week and a half out doesn't sound abnormal to me unless it is excruciating. If Motrin or Tylenol don't touch the pain, then call your plastic surgeon. They would be the best ones to know if the pain is normal and will go away or if it is something you think should be checked out. You know your body best and you can demand that they see you. I hope this helps in some small way. Pain is so relative, it is hard to give advice to someone about. Follow your instincts and good luck.

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    hi there-i had reconstruction about 8 months ago and yes there was pain with it.infact every once in awhile ill get a twinge of pain.your body has gone through alot and takes time to to your doctor and it does get better over time thats the key word time.I know with mine the implant was put behind the pectrul(spelled wrong) muscle which now has to stretch to accomdate the implant.hope your feeling better soon.
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    thanks for all of your answers they have been helpful.:)
  • I had reconstruction at the same time as my mastectomy. My understanding is that they tuck the implant under the pectoral muscle and boy does that bugger get sore! My pain started to ease after a couple weeks but that was nearly 10 years ago and it still burns if I use that arm more than I normally do, but since I'm a stubborn old Swede i just grit my teeth and keep going - I'm afraid of losing ground if I don't push myself. My plastic surgeon said this is normal, but definitely call your surgeon and ask him to be sure.