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I just found out yesturday that my grandpa has lung cancer and im 14 yrs old. I don't undertand that well and it would be nice if someone could clear up this for me. I know it wasn't caused by smoking, and I just would like it if someone could help me understand. Most websites are too complicated and it's hard to understand everything. Wut should I know, just basic information. Thankyou so much!!!!


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    rocco, There are many causes for lung cancers, it's just that smoking is the most common cause. That also means inhaling the smoke from other people smoking nearby (second hand). But it can come from pollution, chemicals and other lung irritants. If it is detected early enough the chances of it being cured are pretty good. Your question is pretty general so if you can get more specific in what you want to know about it you may get some better answers.
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    rocco, you need to know what is his specific type of lung cancer. What stage is it in. What treatment his doctor is recomending. Once you have those answers, you can research further from there.
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    rocco, I'v had lung cancer 2 times, once in each lung (different kinds) first time was adenocarcinoma and second time was large cell carcinoma, they were 3 1/2 yrs apart and was caused supposedly from chemicals as I was a hair dresser for many years. I also smoked but they told me that smoking didn't cause mine. I still don't understand how they can tell what causes it . My cancer was caught very early and all I had to do was have surgery twice, no chemo or radiation, Maybe they have caught your Grand Fathers early too.
    I would be happy to share more info if you need it.
    Good luck to you and your Grand dad,
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    Rocco - Cancer is a term used to describe the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in a person's body. As these cells grow - they disrupt normal body functions. Because the lungs are large, rich in blood and oxygen, these cells usually grow very rapidly. If the cancer is found early, there is a great deal that doctors can do to help your grandpa - which includes curing him. If the cancer is found at later stages, there are a number of things that doctors can do to extend your grandpa's life and to make him more comfortable. There is a lot that you can do as well. You can tell him that you care for him - nothing is more powerful than love. You can pray for him - God always keeps an ear out to listen to kids' prayers. You can hold his hand. You can listen to him. You can share a smile. You can laugh at silly jokes. You can choose not to let the cancer get the best of either of you - your love for one another is stronger than cancer.
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    Hi rocco,
    I feel your pain. My dad has lung cancer Stage 4. It's not good. He never smoked either. We think he got it from spraying a chemical called Agent Orange. He's a forester and in the 60's that's what they used to spray timber. I wish you and your grandfather the best. Keep his spirits up and yours to. It's not always a death sentence, people beat this every day. Best wishes to your family.
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    Sorry about your grandpa.

    For plain basic info, check out ;
    For treatment info, check out, we had good experience with them.

    Best Wishes,
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    ROCCO: What stage is it in? I had lung cancer it was in stage1B this is early detection and the best chance for cure. I am 70 years old and had the lower left lobe removed, Ineed NO chemo or raditation. They do not know what causes it to develop, I worked in refrigeration and blame the freon gases for mine. This is only my thoughts. If you email me i will send you a great prayer for your Grand dad to say.
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