Taxotere and hiccups

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Hi....I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the side effect of hiccups from Taxotere? I get the hiccups and then experience terrible heartburn afterwards. Plus all food tastes like cardboard. Nothing has a taste - it feels like I burned my tongue on hot coffee. It doesn't lessen between treatments either. Is there anyone out there who is all done with Taxotere and can give me hope that I will taste food again someday?? Karen


  • brown2cjb
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    I had the same experience. I was on Taxotere about 2 years ago. I had the hiccups all the time. My food never tasted right. It came to the point that the only thing I wanted to eat was eggs, mashed potatoes and baked potatoes. Eventually everything will get back to normal. Hopefully it will be soon. Good luck to you.
  • terri64
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    If you are taking a steroid before treatment, it is probably the reason for both symptoms...i am currently on taxotere for bc and my doctor said that the reason my tongue feels that way is a yeast infection (thrush) from the steroid. Ask for a prescription for Diflucan. Mine clears up in about 3 days. Likewise with the heartburn, hiccups, burps, and "full feeling" My doc gave me Prilosec and I only have to take it 2 days after treatment.
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    Hi... I have all those things happening. I have 2 more treatments left... so I'll let you know if and when things get back to normal. From this side it sure seems like it will never be right! Cricket
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    Me, too! I thought the hiccups were so funny - but then everything was pretty funny when they gave me the "good drugs" during chemo. But, when I woke my husband and myself up in the middle of the night hiccupping, I knew there was something more to this! Wow, something to laugh about with chemotherapy...