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Hi. My name is Jan and I'm posting this question because a dear friend of mine is fighting a soft cell (tissue?) tumor and has just finished her 2nd bout of chemotherapy. She has not eaten in 5 days and had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night last Sunday because she was throwing up so much she couldn't breathe. I wanted to ask anyone if you can tell me how you controlled nausea if you have had chemotherapy so maybe I can give her some suggestions.

Thank you.


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    Hi Jan, have your friend talk with her oncologist. They have medication that they can give her to control the nausea issue. IF she is up for it have her drink ensure or boost or something like that. But the most important thing is for here to talk to her Doctor. I was taking compazine, and that was years ago, they have alot of new ones that I am sure work even better. Dont delay in asking. They are there to help. Also look in tea isle at store have tea as well. the one for morning sickness helps too . Hope this helps. Sara
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    There are so many anti-nausea drugs to try (Zofran, Ativan, Reglan, etc.) and they work differently for different people. Her oncologist should be trying something different, because if she is on something now, it's obviously not working.
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    Hi Jan,
    I went through five chemo sessions (with horrible nausea after effects) and almost gave up. But on my 6th session, (and after six different tries with different meds) we finally came up with the med that works for me. Do not give up. Keep trying different meds until she finds one that works for her. We are all different!
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    Hi, Jan. Have your friend ask her doctor about Zofran. It worked wonders for me during chemo treatments. The not eating is very common, my husband nagged me constantly about eating. I did not like the taste of boost or ensure but really liked Carnation Instant Breakfast. My husband made milkshakes (added ice cream) from the instant breakfast and I survived on them for several months. Solid food would not stay down at all. It is a trial and error process. Find something she likes and try to modify it creatively to get some nourishment into her. If she gets too weak they will allow her to skip a treatment or two to get her strength up if you ask. The chemo nurses are full of great suggestions if you just ask them.
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    What i used for nausea was ZOFRAN (ondansetron) and it´s from GlaxoWellcome laboratories. it works well hope that´s usefull
    RANITIDINA to stop acid production
    RIOPAN :MAGADRATO and DIMETICONA (gel) to protect intestinal tract
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    I was lucky. I did not have nausea, but my husband did along with diarhea, the onco had put him on ZOFRAN it worked, but it is very expensive, a month'supply was $957.60, we did get a few freebies from the doctor but had to buy the rest, our insurance did not cover, thank God for savings, but that is gone. hope ypur friend feels better jackiemay
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    hi jan maybe your friend can ask her oncologist about a litle yellowish orange pill called torecan.. that is what they gave me and it worked great Godd Luck and God Bless
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    Hi Jan.... I went through a bunch of different meds and that was the first week of chemo..... and finally the doc gave me Ativan..... it worked for me...... I have been on chemo without a break for the last 2 years..... Now on treatment day I premed with an Ativan before I go into treatment and they give me Zolfran right before treatment....... that combination did the trick.... one day I didn't do the Ativan before and got really sick during the treatment.... sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince...... Have your friend hang in there.... and try try try again...... jatag