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This is for cruf, jeanemici, getupandgo, and isaiah4031: Thanks a million for your response. I am forever grateful to know that I am not alone! Was there ever a more scary thing to hear than "you must have a mastectomy because you have cancer"? Now, I have been on Evista for several years to prevent osteoporosis (who knew it could aid in breast cancer?). Of course, it didn't prevent this one and that is one of the main reasons my oncologist didn't put me on Tomoxifin - there is only one molecule difference. It seems that I am on the right track (and thank you all for helping me confirm that) if I could only get this pesky reconstruction to co-operate. I am certain that it will sooner or later. Again, thanks for the advice and confirmation. There is nothing like someone who has been down the road before you.


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    You are more than welcome. That is what we are all here for...each other. Keeping you in my prayers.
    Love, Jayned