Surgery for chest tube placement

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Hello, I recently have posted a message about Marriage and Mets and was glad to feel all the support from you wonderful women. Noe I have another issue. Yesterday, I went to the doctor to have my lung tapped again and noe they are going to do a surgery on Monday to place chest tubes and to talc my lungs. I know of only one person that has had this and the outcome was not good. The doctor did not make me feel so assured and that this was the only alternative that I had and that they wanted to keep me around as long as they could. Hello, what are they trying to say? Anyway, yes I am a liitle scared. it seems there is always something else they can do to you to make this whole ordeal more invasive. Need your thoughts and prayers next week. Thank you.


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    I'll be sending thoughts and prayers Tori! I'm sorry you have to go through this. If you're not comfortable with the info you received, ask again for a further explanation. I like to remind myself that these doctors work for us and sometimes we have to stand up and demand the info we need. I hope you'll find peace with the procedure before next week. Diane
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    So sorry you must go through this. Try to insist that your doc explain everything to your satisfaction and complete understanding. You have the right to know exactly what is going to be done and why. Don't be intimidated by the fact that you're talking to a doctor. Please take someone with you or get someone to call for you and get the info you need to be at peace with what is being done. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi Tori:

    I'm sorry to learn that you're anticipating a surgery and I know you must be very scared.

    I did a quick search on I discovered that talcing of the lungs can be advisable for many different reasons. Thought you may want to check it out for yourself as it may shed some light or at least give you some question guidelines for when you next speak with your doctor.

    You can choose the Home Edition, which is easier for the lay person to understand. Just type, in the box: lungs, talcing. You should gets lots of results to read.

    You deserve to fully understand WHY the procedure is being advised as well as have a detailed snapshot of how it's done and what to expect. Not only during the procedure, but during recovery. Depending upon what you discover, you may want to think about getting a second opinion? It can ease your mind as well as reaffirm or disagree with what your current doc is suggesting or possibly profer less invasive alternatives. Remember, doctor's just don't always agree!

    Hope this helps and I'm sending warm hugs and positive thoughts your way.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi Tori, just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you! Also to assure you that if you don't feel this procedure is in your best interest then I'd think twice about doing it. I think I would at least get a second opinion. Don't let these docs scare you into something you feel is wrong. I tell mine "You are my Physician's Associate, and I don't do anything without talking to Him first, because...He is the Greatest Physician of All."
    Believe me the docs don't know everything like they would have you think. In Oct 2001 I opted for a hysterectomy because my hormone levels were staying elevated, even on meds. They thought I was crazy and couldn't understand why I wanted to do 'such an invasive procedure'. Duh-huh, to lower the hormone so the cancer won't grow! LOL Course they were looking at it like I wouldn't make it 6 more months. Might not have if I listened to them, but I have to give ALL the honor and glory to God. He is the one I listen to, I pray to, and I ask Him for protection and guidance. I ask these things for you right now, in the name of Jesus! Amen.
    God bless you girl, and keep us posted. Hope you go get a better second opinion! hummingbyrd
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    Dear Tori, I will be praying for you. Since I have no idea what you are talking about, that is all I can offer. Sandy
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    Hi Tori, there's not really much that I can tell you about my chest tube. I had the needle tap done on my chest on March 6th for the first time and they took out 3 liters of fluid, I was back in the hospital on the 23rd of March and on March 24th they put in the chest tube. I had it in for 5 days and they went in and I say super glued me. Mine did not take as well as we had hoped. I was back to see the chest surgeon last Monday and he said we slowed it up but we didn't stop it so I will have to go in periodically and have it needle drained. Not something that I want to look forward to. It's like I have said to my husband "there has got to be some way to stop the draining" Best of luck to you, my prayers are with you, please keep me posted.