Glad to meet ya, heres my story

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As a 23 year old musician being run down and tired
were part of the game. Work came early after going to bed at 3 or 4am. Felt like crap all the time. Finally calapsed after a show and they took me to the hosp. Turns out I had 17 tumors. They gave me 30 days to live and snapped off one of my guys. Had a fakey put in cause I had alot of faith in survival. Got to a new doctor at Sloan in NYC and they got to work. 2 years later, in-patient chemo, bi-lateral lung surg, abdominal surg....bla bla bla, I was ready to resume life. The adiction to the massive amounts pain killers was the hardest thing. Quit my job and saw the country with the band (had a ball). Now I have just been told I'm clean (10 years later) so its time to really move on. Headed to Culinary school at BIC in the fall and hope to finally put it all behind me.

I am always ready to talk about it with anyone who has or is going through what I've been through, maybe I can help



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    That is great KOB on the 10 yrs, I am coming up on my 8 yr mark in July. If you get a chance look up my story on the site.
    Good luck in Culinary school.
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    It's been difficult for me to move on as well (or I wouldn't be here I suppose). Sometimes I feel as though I cheated nature...what do I do with my life now has always been the question. I went right back to college, got a job(s) that I hated, and now I'm working on finding a life that I'll truly enjoy (work wise). I guess I blocked it out...but it comes back on a daily basis. After a while, you realize you have to deal with it.

    It's changed my life in many ways...things that were very important aren't at the top of the list anymore (and vice-versa).