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I recently underwent radiation, chemo and surgery for an early 3t rectal tumor. I had a full response outcome, no lymphnode involvement and the tissue at the site of resection had no cancer cells present. now I am confrounted with another 4 months of chemo. I'm looking for anyone who has the same outcome (full response) and whether they had chemo or chosed to not have it. How did you fair. The scientific literature is very inconclusive. Thanks for any help


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    louieil-- sounds like the same thing i had i had the option to take treatment and i did if it comes back where the tumeriof cemo was its tuff to work on it there.i had the infuser type a tube into my chest and they would hook a tube of cemo to my tube and it would feed into my system 24 hrs. a day 7days a week went 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off then 6weeks on with rad. 2 weeks off then 6weeks on then they pulled the tube out of my chest the treatment was thruthe mayo clinic my adventure started mar. 13 2000 i still go for check-ups every 5 mos. nothing so far i still have side efects from the cemo lost the skin on my hands and feet also my finger and toe nails but they came back the rad. burned my private parts but i would go it again if i had to humands are dumb animalsthey forget how bad it hurt.oh yes my feet are still a little bit num im 62 and still doing carpenter work i did quit playing old timmers hockey couldnt play very good befor this worry about something you can do something about if you cant do anything about it dont worry about it also today is the first day of the rest of ourlives laugh and make someone eles laugh..