Tram Flap Post surgery Stomach Pain

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I had mastectomy & tram flap last August. I still experience somewhat painful sensation /occasional swelling just under the center of the rib cage - where the transplanted muscle got folded over. Anyone else? Any suggestions?


  • isaiah4031
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    My mother has had pains in that region ever since her surgery. Doc said it was "normal." I disagreed but mom finally gave up asking about it because she got no satisfaction. I didn't think it was normal because so many on this site had had the same procedure without problems. Keep asking questions and don't give up!
    Love, Jayne
  • banker
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    Hi, had this surgery in 1999, sometimes if I sit to long, or sit in the wrong position it hurts,or cramps up, same when I kneal down to do gardening. Nothing major, I learned to live with it, a small price to pay. You have to remember ,the muscle was actually cut and that takes time to heal. As long as you are well otherwise, don't do any sit-ups or strenious excercise I think its normal. I am 59 yrs old and I figure its just part of me now. I do stretch from time to time when it bothers me and wear stretch panties medium hold, that seems to help too. Hope this helps, take care and keep us posted. emmi
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    Hello. I had my surgery last February. I still sometimes have that little muscle pop out right in the middle of my rib cage, but it is not painful. I am exercising, I tried to do Pilates, but tough with the surgery, as that is the Center of Power, and my center has been cut, I can get through it, and hopefully someday will be able to complete the moves the correct way. My tummy is still numb and feels funny. My belly button is off to the right and know that I will never wear a mid riff top or bikini, so what is the difference. It looks funny though. Where the button of your jeans is, my belly button is over to the right instead of on top. Sandy