Babies post HD?

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Hi! I am 28, new to the site, and will be in remission for 5 years next week(!) from stage 1A Hodgkins. I was treated with radiation for 8 weeks to my neck, mantle, and abdomen, but sparing the pelvis.
My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first baby for about 8 months, and am wondering if there are any stories out there from women (men, too) who have had difficulty conceiving, possible links with radiation treatment, and just general thoughts about having children after cancer. I would really love to have others to talk to about this! Thanks -Jenny


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    I was 24 when I had phase 3 hodgkins, I was treated with ABVD and 9 weeks of radiation. I was told by my doctor that I would never have a child. So they didn't put me back onto birth control once I finished treatment. A year later I went into the doctors office, not feeling well and scared out of my mind that the cancer was back to find out that I was going to have a baby in 6 months. Since then, I have had 2 other little ones. You might want to talk to the doctor, I found with one doctor, that he blamed every illness I had, to cancer and to the treatment. I changed doctors, and the reason I was ill had NOTHING to do with my treatment. But if you would like to chat, just drop me a line anytime - Ro..
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    Hi, I am 36 years old and was a month shy of my 21st birthday when I was diagnosed with stage IVB Hodgkin's. I underwent extensive chemotherapy - MOPP/ABVD - the doctors cautioned me that I might have late effects of the treatment - infertility, early menopause and/or secondary cancers. I didn't marry until I was 29 and my husband and I tried for 3 years before we were blessed with our son. He is now three - healthy and happy. We have been trying to conceive again but it looks like the doctor was right about the early menopause. Maybe we'll get lucky again - but my message to you make certain your doctor is aware of all treatments you received and be certain they listen to you when you talk. Good luck. Drop me a line anytime. Pam
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    Hi, i am a 30 year old female who was diagnose with hodgkins lymphoma stage 3 S ( it was in my spleen) in 1995. I went through 8 months of chemo. MOPPABV. I was told from the beginning that i would not be able to have kids, and they also told me that i probably wouldnt even get my period thourghout the whole treatment. The first month of treatment i didnt get my period , but all the others I did. my fiance at the time and i got married a year later and we didnt even think about having kids cause of what they had told me but it wasnt until 2 years later in aug. of 1998 we decided to try and i got pregnant in oct. of 1998 and had my frist son july 4,1999 he was a healthy 8lb 9 1/4. then in oct 2000 we tryed again and i got pregnant in nov 2000 and on aug,7,2001 we had our second son who was 3 weeks early weighing 8lbs. so anything is possible, just believe that you can and things will work out the way thay were ment to. best of luck to you and your husband. any questions, send me an email....; )
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    Hi Jennaa...I had Hodgkins 2b at 18 I am now 22. I was told I had a 10% chance of having a baby EVER. It took my boyfriend and I 1/12 months to get pregnant. I had 6 months of ABVD every two weeks and radiation every day for one month after that. Keep trying!! and good luck!
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    Hi Jennaa. I was diagnosed at 19 with stage 2A Hodgkin's. I received 6 months of radiation to the neck, chest, and abdomen. Two of those treatments were done in error and resulted in my pelvis being radiated without protection. (The doctors speculated that might further reduce my chances of having children). However, 4 years after going into remission I had a beautiful baby boy, 3 years later a girl. Both were large, healthy babies and are still in perfect health. They are now 10 and 7. Good luck to you, keep the faith, and have fun trying!. -Lori
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    Hi...I'm 47 and had 2 babies after Hodgkins. I was treated with radiation..same as you. I didn't have any probs conceiving. The babies are now 21 and 14! It will happen for you!