sewing pockets in old Bras

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hi has anyone taken there old bras and put pockets in them so the dont have to buy the bras with the pockets already in them the only ones i can find with the pockets in theam are big wide bras and they are not very comfortable if any one can help answer my question it would be greatley apprecaited.thanks bunnie


  • DeeNY711
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    Bunnie, I purchased two packages of pockets to sew in my favorite bras because I cannot keep the new bras from sliding up and I wanted to see if the same thing happened with my nice old comfy bras. I did not have a chance to sew them in yet, but you can order them through the TLC catalogue. I found the prices of most things to be comparable to or better than other catalogues, and I did not see the pockets anywhere else yet. Hope this helps! Denise
  • vwathome
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    You can also buy pockets at a website called, since TLC runs out a lot. Just be careful about trying to wear an underwire bra, since they can HURT
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    Hi, I haven't ordered pockets but have made all mine from fabric I purchased. It's amazing how many pockets you can get from a small piece of material.
    Hope everyone is doing ok, I don't seem to get to the site as often as I used to. But I enjoy reading everyone's posts.
    Take care, Judy
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    Hi Bunnie: I had a mastectomy 23 years ago and found bras with pockets already sewn in at a pharmacy that had a shop that specializes in prosthesis and bras for women with breast cancer. I am small breasted and always found them in my size. They were more expensive of course but lasted for years.

    I will have to say that now I just buy a thinner type of sports bra and just put my prosthesis in there and it fits and doesn't move around. But, as I said I'm small breasted and can do this. Might be more difficult if you are large breasted and really need the support of a regular bra. May God continue to richly bless you! Bonnie
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    I am a seamstress and maybe I can give you a tip. Go to a fabric store and purchase a knit cotton fabric or flannel. Put your prosthesis in your bra stretching the fabric over it and sew into place at the top, center and bottom. Don't forget to leave the side open to slide the prosthesis in and out. Good Luck. Hang in there girl.