Taxotere & fingernails

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Hi...I started on 4 cycles of Taxotere 3 weeks ago. I had my second cycle today. My nails got little blood blisters under them and were very sore and just plain looked weird/wrong. They have pulled away from the nailbed just a bit at the top. My oncologist suggested I try nail glue to hold them on. Has anyone tried this and did it work? All I can say is Thank God my ears and nose are permanently attached because chemo seems to go after anything that isn't! Karen


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    I have received Taxotere with Adriamycin for 6 cycles and my 7th cycle I got on 4/2 was Taxotere alone in a higher dose. I never noticed any problem with my nails until this 7th dose. My fingernails got really sore like someone had hit them with a hammer. Also started looking a little bruised just above the "moons". They didn't pull away from the nailbed like yours, but they started cracking like they were made from glass. Aventis, who makes Taxotere, suggests using nail stregthening polish to help the nails stay healthy. I would say try anything that keeps your nails on and if that includes nail glue - go for it.

    Just keep thinking about when your all done with chemo and everything grows normally again. Keep your eye on the prize (no cancer).

    Good luck!
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    Dear Karen, I had taxotere for 4 cycles. My oncologist suggested rubbing them with tea tree oil morning and evening before bed. I also had to take a Vit B suppliment for the nails. I also had the hit with the hammer feeling. I did not loose any nails during the chemo only after did two come off, but not short enough that it was a problem. I also was told to polish the nails a dark color, whether to hide the discoloration or to block the sun light I am not sure. God Bless. Sandy
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    Dear Jarnjar62
    I sort of had that too, but I wasnt on taxotere. I did lose one of my toenails-just poped right off! the baby toe. I just kept my finernails cut short and most of time wrapped the end of my fingers in bandaids. Looked like heck, but it felt better. Good luck hon. Many hugs. [email protected]
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    I am on 12 weekly doses of it and well, on week 6 I started to get the "hammer"thing. The next week was a rash/burn looking stuff on my inside thumb/palm and pointer finger. Sore and very purplish red. I now have some blisters forming near my moon areas but hopefully I can make it thru my next 4 treatments without losing my nails.
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    Karen, I had 4 cycles of Taxotere also. I had the same side effects in my nails. My nails did not fall off, but they did separate from the nail bed. I would not use glue - that sounds like you could have some bad results. I used tea tree oil and it seemed to help - the nails did not come off, but the soreness and weirdness will remain. You can buy tea tree oil at health food stores and Whole Foods. Additionally, Sally Hansen puts out a cream with tea tree oil in it. My nails are finally growing out, and they have no permanent damage.