Breast Reconstruction

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I had a mastectomy 6 years ago and have finally built up the courage to have reconstructive surgery. My reconstructive surgery will be a Flap surgery using the Latisimus muscle and will be done next month. I'd like to hear from others who have had this surgery. I'm very interested in the recovery period and if physical therapy was necessary to recover movement of the effected arm. My daughter is getting married five weeks after my surgery and I'm hoping to feel OK for that event.


  • sandytrif525
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    Dear Deb, I had a tramflap reconsturction, but they used my stomach muscles for it. I still walked hunched over afterward for awhile and everytime I got chemo afterward, I would hunch back up. Hope this helps. God Bless. Sandy
  • Sandis
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    I had a bilateral mastectomy with abdominal tran flap. I missed three weeks of work and then came back part time for about a week. I started physical therapy after 4 weeks and had 6 sessions which were very helpful. I'd strongly encourage the physical therapy. I find the tightness in my abdomen bothers me when I work long hours (like 12 hours) but otherwise, I'm recovered from the surgery, just dealing with the chemotherapy which is not easy. I'm glad I had the surgery. Good luck