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rizzo, the first visit to the radiologist is the time they mark your breast or chest to guide the radiation and at that time you must hold your arm up by your head for what seems like forever, but is about 15 minutes. It was a little hard to keep the arm there but not impossible. I did most of the exercises from the very beginning and I think any exercise does help. Don't fret about this, you will get through this phase just fine. Hugs, Nancy


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    Dear Rizzo.. Nancy is correct. The first visit is the hardest. They mark all over you with a magic marker and you have to stay put while they do. It took them about 45 minutes on me. They were nice about giving a break every 10 mins or so to rest my arm. The actual treatments were less than 10 minute a day. I usaully went over there on my lunch hour. Took longer to drive there than anything. Takes longer to dress and undress than it did to do the treatments. One thing I will tell you that I was not told, is to remember to NOT wear any lotion, or creams of anytype BEFORE your treatment. They tell me that is how I got burned so badly---NOW They tell me..LOL>. Good luck and you will be fine. YOU are woman! you are strong...! and we are here to support you! HUGS