Will I ever feel normal after surviving Childhood Cancer

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I was dx with ALL when I was 8. I'm now 16. I feel like I don't belong in any group at school and like no one will ever understand or even except me. I feel like I'll never be the same person I was when I was 8. I feel like I've missed out of a lot of life and I can't go back but its holding me back from being a normal teenager. Anyone feel this way? I want to know that I'm not alone.


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    Hey Swim, Don't give up gal on finding that special friend on CSN, I'm sure their are lots of kids your age here that need your friendship too. It's just a matter of finding them. Just keep coming to chat and posting your messages. The chat web can be a bit frustrating sometimes. apeople get booted off and such all the time. A lot first time visitors have trouble getting on the main page. So hang in there and you can come talk to us older guys and gals anytime you want. Hang in there and I really don't think you are a baby, just very, very young to have to experience a devastating disease like cancer. And remember we're there for you.
    Love and Prayers
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    Swim, Was searching around for you a friend and found a young lady. Her e-mail address is:
    [email protected] Her message was posted last year and she was 14 at the time give her a try and let me know what happens. Love Rosie
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    Swim, Was searching around for you a friend and found a young lady. Her e-mail address is:
    [email protected] Her message was posted last year and she was 14 at the time give her a try and let me know what happens. Love Rosie

    Thanks Rosie for finding the address and name. You're becoming a good friend to me.
  • Hi Swim ~ I am an 18/f recently diagnosed with ALL. I would love to be your friend - to talk about concerns, experiences, answer each others questions etc.! You can email me at [email protected] and my aol s/n is krazykatie4ya.
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    Hey swim, i know how u feel, i am 16 and i was diagnosed with ALL leukemia when i was 13 and it seems like i have missed out on some things. I would like to talk to u more,my mail is [email protected]
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    Hi Swim! This is the first time I've been in the discussion board and the very reason I decided look around it tonight is b/c I am feeling like no one really understands what I've been through. I'm 19 and I have a tumor in my spinal cord that was found when I was 14, I'm not on chemo anymore b/c it didn't shrink the tumor. I often feel like no one completely understands how I feel or what I've been through. I feel like an outsider at times, even when I'm with my closet friends. I know we don't have the same type of cancer, but I think we share a lot of the same feelings. Feel free to email me if you'd like at [email protected]
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    I was dx when I was 15. I thought my world crashed down at my feet. I felt alone and like nobody would ever really understand what I was going through. Keep pushing through. I promise things will work out. your at a hard age right now. A piece of advice: don't hold on to the past. We miss out on things in life. I could have been a star track runner if I hadn't gotten sick,but I had to move past me not running ever agian. It still hurts and I still wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't gotten sick but I had to move past all that and move on with my life and make new choices for my future. Don't live a life full of regrets or sorrows. Life's too short and we both know that to be true. Keep your head up,I promise your not alone. Write me if you eve want to talk.
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    Swim, I tried and I tried to write some kind of reply for this post. I just joined this network and wanted to put something here, but everything I wrote ended up beind the length of a short story. I was diagnosed at 6 and basically treated, cut, blasted, fused, and fixed until 81/2 - 9. You're almost there, I can almost guarantee that. I'm only 22 now, just having shed the scars and burns of those years, and I can tell you about a whole new world that will soon come springing up around you if you'll let it. There's achievement, success, and even a wife I never thought I'd see. Sorry, but you'll have to e-mail me to hear more because I don't want to give these nice people eye strain. [email protected]
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    Hey Swim i know how you feel. I was diagnosed when i was ten. And now i'm 18 and beginning college. It feels like you grow up really fast doesn't it. I have friends at school, but it doesn't feel like i ever really fit in. You are not alone. I would love to talk sometime. Here's my email [email protected] I would love to talk to you.