Need a prayer

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I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor. Last year my husband and I left our secure 30 year jobs to start Kaylone, a company devoted to the eradication of breast cancer. We need prayers - for financial support for our start-up company and for qualified people to help us run it. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Donna


  • bunnie
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    Are prayers are with you i think it is wonderful what you guys are doing.hopefully one day there will be a cuere for cancer.god bless you both
  • maryh
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    Donna: I will certainly pray for your success! Who knows, you may be the one to find the cause/cure. I know it is scary going out on your own. Stay positive. I wish y'all the best with your new company.
  • TylersMom1
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    Hi Donna,

    I will also send prayers your way. Leaving your job of 30 years is a very tough thing to do and I commend you for your bravery. I have just recently returned to work at a place I have been for 16 years and am seriously thinking of leaving. You have inspired me; thank you! Good luck with your new adventure...Cheryl