Relapsed Ewing Sarcoma??

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Hey Ladies,
I have a person on another site that has a 13yr old with this, and my {actually owner of computer} search engine is all messed up!!!! Can anyone find out anything about this for me?? I am not trying to be a pain in the well you know. LOLOLOl Yet this person from csol is so desperate, and I am a sucker for this kind of thing. I will be able to do more when I move, but wanted to see if anyone can help me. I just can't stand this war we must fight and now I have my Son in Iraq too. However, please if anyone can help I would appreciate it..... Search on this puter always results in a site called skeech. Sounds wacky I know, but the owner brought up this site, while I was signed in, and now it is like a freaking virus. Even when I do a search here, that darn keeps popping up, and I must say it is driving me crazy. Please if you can or have the time. If not I will understand it is just breaking my heart to see this woman raeching out so desperately. Well enough said about that. I love you all, and you have been the best support team plus sisters, friends I know. Out of all the sites this is the best. I will attempt to do a search anyway, but know what will happen!!! appears to be some kind of entertainment site. I cannot get rid of it either!!!
God Bless You
Love Cathy


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    Hi, Cathy! ES is a bone cancer affecting children. Tell your person to check out the web site: It has info she is looking for - designed by a parent of ES child. He has his e-mail address listed, too. I am sure he can help.

    I will include them, plus your son, in my prayers. I know what you are going thru with your son. Mine is out of the service now. He was a helicopter crew chief in a Special Ops Division. He was involved in the mid-90's Hatti "situation". You're proud, but scared and wishing he was out, but glad he is there! It is definitely a roller-coaster ride of emotions to have a child in the service!

    Hope you are doing well otherwise.
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    Hi Cathy,
    I found a couple of sites.

    Ewing Sarcoma Frequently Asked Questions:

    Childrens Cancers:

    I found quite a few but these looked like the best in addition to the site already provided to you.