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Has anyone with low grade b-cell lymphoma been treated with fludarabine/mitoxantrone/rituxan protocol? How effective a remission? Side effects profile? How did you tolerate it? I am scheduled to start this treatment soon, so any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



  • sandnsun
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    Hi Rich,
    I just joined here and saw your message. I initially had "cyclophosfimide/Vincristine/Prednisone, terrible reaction to the "V". This was 11/00. My Dr. replaced the "V" with Rituxan. I had it in the actual hospital as a patient. This was my Dr's first cycle with this so he did not take chances, thank God! I did have a reaction due to the drip rate. Throat swelled up and had trouble breathing. They decreased the drip to 9 hrs. Rough cause of length but NO side effects. It was a gift from God!! I had a round of 8 Rituxan treatments, Bi-weekly along with the "C & P" regular schedule over 6 months. My dad calls Rituxan the "Silver Bullet" as it was significant in my remission. I am 2 yrs TODAY!!! I am however being monitored. I have testing every 3 months with CT scans and blood work. I am being monitored closely now as I am having symptons. My blood work is good and only 4 lbs lost. I am actually only 106 to begin with sooooo....
    Mostly I have FAITH and a great Oncologist. His plan for round 2 if needed is Rituxan. He has had good remission rates with it. Let me know if there are other questions or just want to chat.
    God Bless