how long until hair grows back

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Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me once iam done with Chemo how long before my hair starts growing back.And also someone said that taking pre Natal vitamines help it grow back faster has any one else expreiced this?any help would be appreciated.


  • squeeboo
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    Hi bunnie,
    I finished chemo in mid-september. My hair had already started growing back a few weeks before that, but it was very thin and grew slowly.
    About 2 months after the last chemo is when it really started growing normally. By the middle of December, never wore my wig again.
    Losing hair sucks and waiting for it to grow back is painfully slow, but looking back, I had to really think about how long it took and was surprised to realize that I finished chemo over six months ago. Though I wouldn't want to go through it again, I did get some good pictures of the teal and purple mohawk my friends shaved for me before my second chemo (it was pretty cool).
    Hope this helps!
  • bobbiejo
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    My last chem was the end of November and I stopped wearing a wig the middle of February. It was really short but really thick. It felt so much better than the wig. I started taking prenatals in February and I am still taking them. It may be all in my head, but I think it helps. My doctor said it didn't really matter - but it wouldn't hurt.
  • chef
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    I was told hair grows 1/4 of an inch a month. I found this to be about right. I had my last chemo in Sept. and got my first trim last week. My sister sniped off the fuzzy tips giving me what looks like a really short hair cut. It's about an inch long now. I quit wearing my wig the last of Feb. also. I had just enough hair for the wig to slid around on. It was getting so loose I was afraid a stiff breez would send it spinning. Hang in there, it'll grow....
  • mariaz
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    My chemo ended last April. By July, I wasn't wearing the wig anymore. My hair was really short though. By September, I got my haircut. It looked like a real style by then. I now still have short hair because I keep geeting it trimmed but it is full & wavy. My hair was thin before. I guess I look at it as a bright side to chemo.
  • sandytrif525
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    bunnie, my hair started coming back in February just peach fuzz. I finished chemo in August. My hair was long enough by about end of June. That is when I went with out the wigs. It came back very gray and boy was I shocked. My friend told me to get some Loving Care. I did die it one time a temporary color, but since then, it is back to my 'normal' color. I am almost 43 so gray was not what I wanted. I havenot gotten it cut yet, waiting for my birthday and going to go and have the works done. Hopefully by then it will be long enough to style. I heard that tamoxifin causes hair to grow in slower, so maybe that is what is happening to me. Jesus bless you. Sandy
  • Dodi
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    Hi Bunnie,
    For me, my hair had always grown real fast before I had chemo. It has not changed. I finished my chemo last October, and today my hair is probably 3 or 4 inches long, and very curly. I have never had curly hair (unless of course I paid for it) It grows faster than you think. I hope you are doing well. Take care
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    Try to stimulate your hair growth by brushing your scalp with a very soft brush and massaging the scalp. My hair was originally staight but came back curly. My surgeon said the curly effect would last about 8 mths and then begin to relax as the effects of the Chemo leaves my body. I enjoyed my change of color and texture and curl. I called it my "Chemo Permanent". It is as though the saying "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" is true. Mother Nature will surprise you when it starts coming back in. Hope this helps. It helped me when I was wishing my hair would grow again. Take care, Susie
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    I had my las chemo August of 2002. My hair has ALWAYS grown very slowly. My Dr. said for the type of chemo I had (AC) it stays in your system for 6 mos., so I would probably be wearing a bandana until February. Well, by Christmas, it was long enough to go without. It is now May and my hair is almost 3" long...pretty good for me. My hair was naturally very light blonde; it is now light brown, but still straight. Aside from the color, I kinda like it! And, like everyone else, I am grateful to be alive and healthy!