update real hair vs synthitic wig

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Hi thanks too everyone that responed i did end up with a synthitic wig.it is real itchy so dont really know if iam going to like it or not but i guess i just need to give it a chance iam sure all find my self wearing my hat once it starts getting warmer.thanks again to everyone


  • squeeboo
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    Your wig will probably always itch a little, but it gets a lot better with a few washings and once your scalp get used to it. You can also get a little elastic baded mesh cap (I forget what they're called), that wig places have for keeping the wig in place on people with a little hair.
  • rizzo15
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    I think Squeeboo is talking about wig liners. They are little mesh caps (like a small knit cap) with elastic all around. Very inexpensive--maybe $1.50 each. They definitely will keep the inside of the wig from irritating your scalp and will keep the wig in place real well. It will be a little warmer than just wearing the wig. I use a fresh wig liner every few days as the scalp still perspires like normal. I just throw the wig liners in the mesh bag I use to wash my panty hose. Wash and wear...no problem!
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    If a wig does not work then you might try purchasing the bangs and having them peek out from under a soft hat or scarf. I purchased mine from the American Cancer Society Catalog and on their website. The bangs were cooler and a whole lot less scatchy and a whole lot cheaper that a wig. Hope it works for you,Susie