I need some input for my sister

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My sister just had a surgery to remove a mass in her plevis yesterday, but still has cancer in her liver and ab. She had just started on Oxi. and Xeloda before the surgery, because the previous chemo didn't work (5-Fu, CPT-11, Lv.). Is there anybody who has gotten good results from Xeloda & Oxi.? I need to try everything for my sister, she is only 31. Or any trials or new treatment that may be helpful for her? Thanks.


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    My colon cancer was treated with chemo but I also had six weeks of daily radiation. You don't mention radiation for your sister. You might ask about that. It was painless and each treatment was quick.
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    I had been treated with CPT 11, 5-FU Radiation therapy prior to planned resection of what was thought to be Grade 3 Rectal carcinoma. At surgery however they found that I had carcinomatosis (metastasis to the adjacent abdomen). They treated me with Oxaliplatin, 5 FU, Lv for 12 wks. I had another surgery 8 wks ago to see if they could do about resecting the abdominal nodules, lymph nodes and my primary tumor. The surgeon was impressed because, although I still had tumor, the volume was much decreased. They are attributing the improvement to oxaliplatin therapy. I will be starting up the oxaliplatin therapy again as soon as I recuperate from surgery.

    You may want to go through the NIH web site to review clinical trials that may be helpful for your sister's particular situation. Best of luck.