Thinning Hair

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Hi Pat! I had four treatments of A/C followed by 12 weekly treatments of Taxotere (participated in a study). I lost all of my hair after my first tx of A/C just as the doctor predicted. My hair was very thick and after four days of handfuls coming out I shaved my head. It started to come back by the time I started the Taxotere and they told me not to be surprised if my new growth came out. Fortunately it didn't but the Taxotere did slow down the regrowth I had started. It's been almost 2 years since my last chemo treatment and I'm happy to say I have thick curly hair!! My hairdresser told me to take Prenatal vitamins to make my hair grow faster. Of course I okayed this with my oncologist-I started them about a month after my chemo ended. You can get them over the counter now. They really did help and I am still taking them! Good luck to you-have fun exploring all the interesting hair products out there as your hair starts to come back. Treat yourself to a good hairdresser-someone who will give you a scalp massage and do what's called "dusting" to trim your hair as it grows back. All these things will speed up the process. Good Luck and God Bless. Sharon